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Great stuff, mate! I would like to know your opinion regarding playing the game raw, that is, playing alone, without Solidex, only pure Solidly.

In my first week, I decided to give veSolid NFT a try and allocated 100 NFT, with this I voted 100% for Tomb-FTM LP and received bribes. Based on prices from a few days ago the yield was 3.1% (weekly), extrapolate this to a year and you get a decent >160%, paid in the tomb.

Now I'm not sure where the fees went as it says in the docs that the fees go to the veSolid lockers and only for the pool you voted for. I don't know if you have any info there?

the next part is what to do with the bribes in my case the tomb I got was compounded to my ftm-tomb LP on solidex which is giving me more solidity and sex. I keep the solid and add it to my NFT and sell the sex for more solid or grave and repeat the cycle.

For me this strategy is low risk, since my NFT is not being diluted, it would seem to me that under this dynamic my performance with the bribes and the fees would increase in the future, in contrast I imagine that the APRs of the pools will stabilize and will be 2 or 3 digits maximum.

Any Thoughts?

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